dinsdag 22 juli 2014

Dirty games

One thing stood in advance: Whatever the crime, Putin should come out as the culprit!
No sooner Vlad had exposed Obama as an emperor without clothes in the Syrian stand-off, and next put his foot in before NATO could annex Ukraine and the home base of the Russian Black-Sea fleet in the Crimea, the American administration went berserk. Putin had to be stopped at all cost, Putin had to be discredited, to be humiliated in the eyes of the world. He had to be utterly destroyed, for he had dared to defy the American hegemon.

But Putin didn't back down. On the contrary. He quickly closed a 400 billion dollar gas deal with the Chinese, nominated in renminbi, and recently laid the foundation of a BRICS bank *) that will provide liquidity for investments in Brasil, Russia, India, China and South-Africa in local currencies, outside the American dollar system. This is really unforgivable, for it will destabilise the already tottering American and European financial house of cards, which forms the backbone of the world's financial system and international trade. Putin proved himself a very resourceful opponent.

*) And, apparently, Turkey is eager to join the party.

Last week, a Malaysian civilian airliner was downed over eastern Ukraine by a rocket supposedly fired by the pro-Russian 'terrorists' who are trying to defend their home territory against the onslaught of the standing Ukrainian army bombing and killing their own citizens. Of course, these criminals must have been supplied by Russia with an advanced weapon system and who else than Putin can, ultimately, be held responsible for this outrage. Western media hasn't any doubts. According to them, Putin must have said to his eastern Ukrainian cronies:"Look fellas, I can't be bothered to invade eastern Ukraine yet or, no doubt, NATO will close in and there will be World War III, but here's a nice, Russian-made rocket launcher for you. Use it to your advantage." And that's what they did.

Now, there happen to be different views on this subject. Did it occur to you that Obama didn't ask for the plain 'facts' firstly but, from the very beginning, took every opportunity to accuse Putin of wilfully causing the death of 298 innocent civilians? Why? Did it also occur to you the Ukrainians started finger pointing the moment the news hit the wires? Strange. The Poroshenko government in Kiev could hardly know of any details of the disaster unless they knew of them beforehand. Are we to assume this to be a cover-up for a stupid mistake of regular Ukrainian forces or a false flag incident staged to set up Putin, deliberately?

ZH link - Ron Paul, 8-11-2014 - Govt likely hiding truth in MH17 crash

I don't know, but here are the views of some critical commentators who ask themselves what's all behind the premature condemnation by the MSM (mainstream media) of a formerly valued supplier of oil and gas.

Robert Parry, 7-20-2014 - What did US spy satellites see in Ukraine?
Dmitry Orlov, 7-21-2014 - Fact-Free Zone
David McWilliams, 7-21-2014 - Deadly game of human chess
Mike Shedlock, 7-22-2014 - Sorting through all the possibilities.
Mike Shedlock, 7-23-2014 - Ukraine caught in third major lie?
David Stockman, 7-29-2014 - Imperial Washington is intoxicated by another Big Lie
Chris Martenson, 7-31-2014 - The West's reckless rush towards War with Russia
George Washington, 8-01-2014 - Top financial experts say World War 3 is coming . . . unless WE stop it
ZeroHedge, 8-06-2014 - SCG News, 7-27-14: Flight MH17, What you're not being told, video + transcript
Gabor Steingart, 8-08-2014, German Handelsblatt - The West is on the wrong path!
At last, someone, and a German to that, has the balls to tell Obama, Merkel and every other sanctionista

that their policy with regard to Putin is no policy, but an alibi for not having a policy and that it will prove a dead end. We ought not isolate Putin and Russia, but - like Willy Brandt in the 1960s - keep negotiating to reach a reconciliation of interests, in other words: win-win instead of lose-lose. If Germany keeps following the clueless Obama its people will rather be endangered than protected.
But will this article mark the turning point in Germany's "Ost-Politik" as ZeroHedge expects? Merkel and Putin have been on the phone on a daily basis. That may be a sign of hope, but according to Putin's personal advisor, Sergei Glazyev, it fell short of breaking the ice of the coming Siberian Winter in EU-Russian relations.
Bloomberg, 8-08-2014 - Sergei Glazyev, World War on Russia's mind when US duels over Ukraine.

Hmm, but now there's something divisive brewing in the back rooms of European halls of power...
ZH, 8-16-2014 - Anti-Putin alliance fraying
Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic urge end to Russian sanctions.

And in the meantime, in the Malaysian press convictions are circulating that a Ukrainian fighter jet was involved in shooting down MH17.

And finally, the official investigation led nowhere, so far, but the Russians have figured it all out for themselves: first, cockpit gunned by a Ukrainian fighter jet; next, MH17 hit by air-to-air missile(s) from behind; MH17 breaks up on high altitude; wreckage spread over 15 square kilometers area. These conclusions, even if 100% correct, I'd be surprised to see confirmed by the parties involved but they make an interesting read.
See the report (9-18-2014) for yourself.
And now the Dutch investigators offer the Russians an opportunity to make good on their words, telling them 'to put up or shut up'.
Inquisitr, 10-27-2014 - MH17 downed by fighter jet: Russia has proof, Dutch say 'Hand it over'.
The article includes a video (10-22-2014) from Russia Today, 'MH17: The Untold Story,'
YouTube, 23:12 minutes, with English subtitles.
Fort Russ, dec 2014 - Meet the pilot who shot down Malaysian Boeing MH17 - Vladislav Voloshin.

Spiegel interview, 11-13-2014 - Henry Kissinger (91): Ukraine sanctions fatal mistake - Do we achieve World Order through Chaos or Insight?
Interesting analysis, 05-3-2015 - Rostislav Ishchenko: What does Putin want? - Russian original - English translation. Spoiler alert: a peaceful solution, playing for time, will serve Russia's interests best, as the USA aim for destabilising the region as much as they possibly can and will ultimately sacrifice the EU, if its leaders'd refuse to docilely follow in their trail. For the moment, there's no sign of EU abstention as Paul Craig Roberts notes in "Insanity grips the Western World."

Latest wrap up, 05-30-2016 - The Endless Dodge - Why Washington doesn't come clean on the downing of MH-17, by Robert Parry via ConsortiumNews.com.
Some thoughts on 'conspiracy theories', 06-28-2016 – by Marcus Godwin (UK) in the 'Oriental Review', eyeing MH17 and 9/11.