donderdag 1 september 2016

The Future as seen from Ireland

EU is a thing of the past – our future is with an Atlantic Ireland.

David McWilliams, inventor and herald of 'Punk Economics', shows his fellow countrymen the way to prosperity: ignore EU apparatchiks and make a deal with the largest and most innovative companies in the world, now located on Irish soil.
Tax them low and let them make up for the difference in shares to build an Irish sovereign wealth fund.

"When you are faced with people who live in the past, the key thing is to move on."

After brooding over it over the weekend, David comes up with even more convincing arguments for an Atlantic Ireland.
The Apple ruling is a moment of choice for Ireland, September 5th.

I'd have been first to applaud the soundness of David's reasoning, if only we were living in reasonable times, but we are not. Within the next few years, everything we still take for granted, in America and in Europe, also, will come crashing down under the pile of debts we've built to uphold a semblance of 'normality'. Whichever side you join now, the, allegedly, risk-oriented corporate cabal of America, or the security-oriented European one, your economy will equally suffer from dwindling world trade, defaults and unemployment.
The unavoidable consequences of decades of money printing, of QE, ZIRP, NIRP and trillions of derivative magic, together, are the big elephant in the room, which David is wilfully ignoring.